Here comes the Gucci Triple S
Here comes the Gucci Triple S

Here comes the Gucci Triple S

Balenciaga‘s Triple S is the most impactful luxury sneaker of the past decade — literally because it weighs a ton. But the hefty shoe has fallen somewhat out of trend in recent years, so it falls to Gucci to make the Triple S a “thing” again.

The product of Balenciaga and Gucci’s “hack,” a co-branded version of the OG chunky sneaker lends renewed hype to the silhouette — and it’s dropping very soon.

Now, don’t think that the Triple S is any less in demand these days (I still see ’em all over New York) but the model is nearly five years old now (really!) and deserving of a monogrammed facelift. Trends move fast and, though the Triple S’ longevity is a testament to its ingenuity, even the classics are subject to aging.

Available for two weeks only, Balenciaga and Gucci’s Hacker Project — including the maximalist Triple S — will drop at 74 pop-ups worldwide on November 15. In the US, locations include New York City, Miami, Beverly Hills, and Chicago.

Sporting monograms, branding, and apparently even a floral print, the Gucciaga Triple S aren’t just statement shoes — they’re showstoppers. Hard to imagine a shoe as visible as these not breaking necks as it strolls down the street.

Though it’s not the only nutty Balenciaga shoe in recent memory (not even close), the Gucci x Balenciaga Triple S is perhaps the definitive product of the duo’s “hacking lab.”

Amidst Gucciaga’s challenging hourglass-figure jackets and dresses, these co-branded shoes and the accompanying bags stand out as the most accessible way to combine the world’s hottest fashion brands and are all but guaranteed to swiftly sell out.

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